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The Late Mrs. Early

The Late Mrs. Early
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Code: PSFLN-39685
Author: Norman Robbins
ISBN/EAN: 573015864

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4m, 4f.

  • Terry Early's announcement that he and Susan Rickworth intend to marry rouses the fury of the formidable Alice, Terry's mother, on account of a previous relationship between her and Reuben Rickworth, Susan's father.  Sam Early is caught in th middle of this and his peace of mind - as that of his crony Joe - is shattered.  
  • Alice's sudden demise, following her handling of a faulty electric kettle lent her by the inquisitive neighbour, Mabel, promises a peaceful solution.  
  • But Alice as a vengeful ghost is even more formidable than as a live wife and mother.  
  • Much drama ensues in which both families - and Mabel- are involved, before Alice's ashes can be persuaded to lie quiet in her urn until Sam is ready to join her.

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