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Loose Ends

Loose Ends
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Code: PSFLN-40506
Author: Frank Vickery
ISBN/EAN: 0573018243

Product Information

2m, 3f.

  • Marlene is a mother - a very interfering one.
  • She has an almost unbearable influence on the lives of her children Darren and Louise, who are forever finding themselves in the middle of situations which she has contrived.
  • Louise already has a husband and now Marlene decides it's time to pull all the stops out and get Darren hitched.
  • On a weekend break at a caravan park with her husband Roy, Marlene sees her opportunity: Bev, who owns the caravan, would be the perfect match for Darren!
  • An hilarious sequence of events ensures, as Marlene desperately tries to get Darren and Bev to stay in the caravan for the weekend.
  • In the middle of the chaos, Louise arrives, on the run from a marriage which we suspect was engineered by Marlene.
  • But there is a reason for Marlene's over-protective and sometimes infuriating behaviour - she is due to have chemotherapy.

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