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Love Forty

Love Forty
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Code: PSFLN-40742
Author: Frank Vickery
ISBN/EAN: 057301826X

Product Information

2m, 2f.

  • Marcia and Ralph prepare to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary with a grand family party and Ralph has opened a bottle of champagne to start the evening.
  • Marcia, seated in the same bedroom she and Ralph shared on their wedding night, reflects on the last forty years - for her, years spent suffocating in the loneliness and frustration of an empty, loveless marriage.
  • Conjuring up memories, Marcia watches her young self and Boy Ralph re-enact the pledges they made to one another the first night and the subsequent years of self-deception, lies and infidelities.
  • As the party-hour draws near, her resentment and anger boil over; she rows bitterly with Ralph, determined to end the sham and leave for good.
  • But forty years is a long time, and Ralph lets slip some news which shocks Marica.
  • With the help of Girl Marcia and Boy Ralph, Marcia and Ralph will celebrate their wedding anniversary; the lie is buried again - and will continue.

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