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My Fat Friend

My Fat Friend
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Code: PSFLN-45207
Author: Charles Laurence
ISBN/EAN: 9781840023206

Product Information

3m, 1f.

  • Vicky, who runs a book shop in Hampstead, is a heavyweight.
  • Inevitably she suffers, good humoredly enough, the slings and arrows of the two characters who share the flat over the shop, a somewhat glum Scottish youth who works in an au pair capacity, and her lodger, a not so young homosexual.
  • When a customer a handsome bronzed man of thirty seems attracted to her she resolves she will slim by hook or by crook.
  • Aided by her two friends, hard exercise, diet and a graph, she manages to reduce to a stream line version of her former self only to find that it was her rotundity that attracted him in the first place.
  • When, on his return, he finds himself confronted by a sylph his disappointment is only too apparent.
  • The newly slim Vicky is left alone once more, to be consoled up to a point by her effeminate lodger.

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