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Murder Play

Murder Play
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Code: PSFLN-45587
Author: Brian J. Burton
ISBN/EAN: 9780573121715

Product Information

2m, 2f.

  • When Peter and Robyn wake up the morning after a dinner party at the home of their friends and employers David and Jane Valentine, they are still shocked at having been sacked by David the night before.
  • More shocks are to come for David appears to be dead, and Jane calmly announces she killed him.
  • At first Peter and Robyn refuse to believe her, but as she explains the "how, when and why" of the murder, they are forced to accept she has committed the "perfect" crime and to avoid implicating themselves, they will have to help her to dispose of the body.
  • Stunned and bitter, they leave, but then it transpires that the "murder" is really an elaborate practical joke. Or is it?

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