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Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect
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Code: PSFLN-47071
Author: Simon Williams
ISBN/EAN: 573018197

Product Information

2m, 2f.

  • Love Is All Round' is a feminist publishing house where Harriet Copeland is running a competition to find new romantic fiction; their motto is 'For Women By Women'.
  • To avoid this gender bias, Leonard Loftus is forced to submit his novel under a female pseudonym.
  • So when Lulabelle Latiffa wins the first prize, Leonard begins to have a major problem.
  • He is a bashful statistician lumbered with a spectacular alter ago. With domestic complications from his wayward daughter Dee Dee and Gus, his rascally old father, Leonard tries frantically to keep up the charade of Lulabelle.
  • His problems are made worse when he falls hopelessly in love with Harriet. He is a worried man in the guise of a carefree woman. The happy ending is not going to be easy.
  • In high heels and lipstick our hero is caught in a hilarious dilemma of cross-dressing and cross-purposes. Oh what a tangled web we weave, across The UK, Australia and all over Europe, Nobody's Perfect has been acclaimed as a classic feel good romantic comedy.
  • This is a play that offers belly laughs galore - four irresistibly loveable characters locked into a hilarious plot. The final scene has been described as a comic masterpiece.

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