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Old Mother Hubbard - A Wild West Pantomime Adventure

Old Mother Hubbard - A Wild West Pantomime Adventure
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Code: PSFLN-50146
Author: Paul Reakes
ISBN/EAN: 057306492X

Product Information

2m, 2f 15m or f.

  • On the verge of being evicted from their home, Old Mother Hubbard, her son, Highie and Polly, her pretty young daughter are granted a wish by the Good Fairy to try to find their long lost Uncle Oswald.
  • In a blinding flash they are magically transported to a sun-baked prairie in the Wild Wild West.
  • EnterTex Laramie, a tall, dashing young cowboy, along with his side-kick Old Tumbleweed , a bewhiskered, disreputable but likeable old-timer.
  • Together they all set out to unravel the mystery of Uncle Ossie's disappearance.
  • Along the way, among the many characters they meet are the villainous Matt Vinyl and his cronies, the seductive Miss Lulabelle, the beautiful young squaw Little Deer and the imposing Big Chief Thunder Cloud.
  • Rip-roaring Wild West songs and spectacular dance numbers, twirling trick lassos and the obligatory saloon swing doors ensure a real Wild West experience for cast and audience alike.

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