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Red Riding Hood : A Pantomime

Red Riding Hood : A Pantomime
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Code: PSFLN-58264
Author: David Cregan
ISBN/EAN: 573064741

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7m, 5f.

  • Every sixty years, or so legend goes, at the time of the Scudding Moon, on the Wild and Windy Marshes, the Wolf comes to rage and savage the countryside, sending two "tweakers" in advance to seek out the choicest meat.
  • The Village is celebrating Grandma's Party Day and Grandma, a wickedly funny old lady with a zest for life ill-suited to her years, wants to tame her tomboyish granddaughter, Jenifer, and turn her into a young lady.
  • Grandma knows that her own "wet" daughter, Thelma, is beyond help, but hopes that the gift of a red cloak will transform Jenifer.
  • The cloak works its magic but brings Jenifer to the attention of the "tweakers" - Harold and George - who are in "the feeding business"!
  • Singled out for the Wolf, Jenifer foolishly visits her Grandmother at dead of night and soon both of them are in the Wolf's tum!
  • Despite shenanigans in the Wood, the Villagers rescue them both and all ends happily round the Maypole.

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