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Respecting Your Piers

Respecting Your Piers
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Code: PSFLN-58632
Author: Peter Quilter

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  • Five women inherit equal shares in a dilapidated pleasure pier and are forced to settle their differences in order to get the pier operational again.
  • There is Pam, the embittered mother; Theresa, the confused daughter; Betty, the eccentric grandmother; Jackie; the health addict and Sharon; the loud-mouthed punk.
  • This farcical comedy takes its humour from the culture clashes between the women, two if whom are sworn enemies!
  • The comedy moves through the rigors or aerobics classes and exploding candyfloss machines until it culminates in an end-of-pier fund-raising concert where the celebrity guest cancels at the last minute, resulting in hysterical chaos and a botched attempt at impersonation by one of the women.
  • This is a character-driven comedy, with moments of high farce, that also manages to be gentle and touching, revealing a telling message about the need to preserve our seaside landmarks.

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