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Ring Around the Moon

Ring Around the Moon
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Code: PSFLN-59460
Author: Jean Anouilh
ISBN/EAN: 573113807

Product Information

8m, 6f.

  • According to Atkinson (Times), a play "of many moods…wistfully romantic, satirical, fantastic…
  • To make his points about love (the author) has invented a fable about twin brothers—Frederic, who is shy and sensitive, and Hugo, who is heartless and aggressive.
  • Frederic is in love with a hussy who is in love with Hugo.
  • To save Frederic from an unhappy marriage, Hugo tries to distract him by bringing to a ball a beautiful dancer who masquerades as a mysterious personage and becomes the triumph of the occasion.
  • She is a susceptible maiden in her own right.
  • She not only breaks up all the cynical romances that have been going on before she arrived, but loses her own heart as well."

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