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In Room Five Hundred and Four

In Room Five Hundred and Four
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Code: PSFLN-59502
Author: Jimmie Chinn
ISBN/EAN: 573121206

Product Information

2m, 2f.

  • Sitting in a seedy seaside boarding house room, Older Edie reminisces over the past.
  • Out of her memory step a younger Edie and Harry on their wedding day in February 1942.
  • Together, the young couple discover life's big truths in the span of one night; the day after, Harry will leave for the front, never to return.
  • The uncertainties of their relationship mirror the wider unpredictability and turmoil of the 40s - producing a finely-balanced portrait of that period.
  • Simple staging in two acting areas allows us to travel through time as we become deeply involved with the touching tale of Older Edie.

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