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Seven Stages of an Affair

Seven Stages of an Affair
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Code: PSFLN-62745
Author: Lorraine Forrest-Turner
ISBN/EAN: 9780573023644

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1m, 1f.

  • Seven Stages of an Affair is a witty take on an extra-marital affair. Caroline is married to dependable Robert, has two children and works in an employment agency.
  • When Tony Brunetti comes in for an interview, she is immediately attracted by his flirtatious charm. So begins the slippery slide into an affair that becomes more passionate and dangerous as it progresses.
  • Clandestine meetings in hotel rooms and deceit piled on deceit jeopardise both their marriages as they go through the seven stages of an affair before they do 'the decent thing' and call a halt - but not without regrets on both sides.

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