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Straight and Narrow

Straight and Narrow
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Code: PSFLN-66584
Author: Jimmie Chinn
ISBN/EAN: 573019029

Product Information

4m, 3f.

  • In this West End hit comedy the central characters are Bob and Jeff.
  • The cosy domesticity of these lovers is threatened by Jeff's crisis.
  • Jeff is considering leaving Bob.... but for a woman, so that he can become a father.
  • Meanwhile Bob contends with meddling family members who are ignorant of his living situation.
  • His mother, a domineering comic creation, complicates matters by pressing Bob to get married.
  • She refuses to recognize that there is anything about her son which might upset her conventional sensibilities. Can Bob's family - Lois and Bill, Nona and Arthur and matriarch, Vera - help to rescue the situation?
  • And will Bob be able to tell the seemingly ignorant Vera that the 'straight and narrow' is not the life for her favourite little boy......? 

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