The White Cliffs

The White Cliffs
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Code: PSFLN-78322
Author: Bettine Manktelow

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2m, 5f.

  • It is 1948 and Britain is still recovering from World War II.
  • To 'The White Cliffs', a Midlands boarding-house, comes a group of concert performers who are touring with a Summer Revue, and they are in for an eventful week.
  • Mrs Murdoch, the landlady, hides her war-traumatized son Danny away in the house and the disappearance of one of the performers, and a suspicious accident occurring to another, leads Jane (one half of The Joysticks, a comedy and music duo) to seek him out ...
  • The solution to the mystery proves to be as moving as it is intriguing, with a very human situation at its root.

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