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Tom Stoppard: Plays 1

Tom Stoppard: Plays 1
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Code: PSFNY-01687
Author: Tom Stoppard
ISBN/EAN: 9780573620027

Product Information

  • The plays in this collection reveal in combination the 'frivolous' and 'serious' aspects of Tom Stoppard's talent: his sense of fun, his sense of theatre, his sense of the absurd, and his gifts for parody and satire.
  • The author rounds off his brief introduction, giving the genesis of each piece, with the comment: 'The "role of the theatre" is much debated (by almost nobody, of course), but the thing defines itself in practice first and foremost as a recreation.
  • This seems satisfactory.' Leading off is 'The Real Inspector Hound', the unltimate country-house whodunnit; 'Dirty Lines' moves a Whitehall farce to Parliament Square; 'Dogg's Hamlet', 'Cahoot's Macbeth' subverts Shakespeare; and 'After Magritte' explains the inexplicable.

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