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Code: PSFNY-03038
Author: M. Maurette & G. Bolton
ISBN/EAN: 9780573605291

Product Information

  • 8m, 5f
  • Full Length Play
  • Drama
  • This crowd-pleasing classic was made into a film which featured an Oscar-winning performance by Ingrid Bergman who starred as "Anya", the last surviving daughter of Czar Nicholas II of Russia.
  • Discovered as an amnesiac in a Berlin asylum by former Cossack 'prince' turned-taxi-driver Bounine, Anya is swept into a scheme to exploit the 'heritage' of 10 million pounds being held in trust for any surviving heirs of the Romanoff dynasty.
  • As the conspiracy prospers, Anya is coached to success but for one last test: the Imperial Grand Empress is alive and her acceptance is essential.
  • In a famous 'recognition scene' of breathless suspense, Anya meets her grandmother and must convince the dowager that she is the long-lost Royal Princess Anastasia.

"Superb." - The New York Times

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