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The Art of Dining

The Art of Dining
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Code: PSFNY-03702
Author: Tina Howe
ISBN/EAN: 057360570X

Product Information

  • 3m, 6f
  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • Interior Set
  • Cal and Ellen are the owners and sole staff of a small, elegant gourmet restaurant.
  • Cal's main preoccupation is paying back the $75,000 it cost to start it up, and that means packing in the customers.
  • Chef Ellen is preoccupied with the food's quality and stopping Cal from sampling the ingredients.
  • The diners act out their own private dramas over dinner and their conversations are exquisite burlesques of contemporary attitudes.
  • There's a sensual middle aged couple who go into paroxysms of ecstasy just reading the menu and then there's three crass chic young career women.
  • Finally, there's Elizabeth, a maladroit, shy and neurotic writer who's dining with her prospective publisher.
  • Her actions and conversation are unintentionally hilarious and a delicious example of how not to act and what not to talk about while dining.

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