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Crossing Delancey

Crossing Delancey
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Code: PSFNY-11507
Author: Sandler Susan.
ISBN/EAN: 0573619883

Product Information

  • 2m, 3f
  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • Isabel is a modern young woman who lives alone and works in a book shop.
  • When she is not pining after a handsome author, she is visiting her grandmother (Bubbe) in Manhattan's Lower East Side.
  • This irascible granny and her friend the matchmaker have found a "good catch" for Isabel, whose initial reluctance gives way to a blossoming romance when she finally meets Sam, the pickle vendor as the end of the play offers a new beginning.
  • "An amusing romance that tells its unpretentious story believably, rarely trying to make its gag lines, of which there are many, upstage its narration or outshine its heart." - The New York Times

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