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The Decorator

The Decorator
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Code: PSFNY-13110
Author: Churchill Donald
ISBN/EAN: 573691274

Product Information

  • 1m, 2f
  • Full Length Play
  • Comedy
  • Marcia returns to her flat to find it has not been painted as she arranged.
  • A part time painter who is filling in for an ill colleague is just beginning the work when the wife of the man with whom Marcia is having an affair arrives to tell all to Marcia's husband.
  • Marcia hires the painter a part time actor to impersonate her husband at the confrontation.
  • Hilarity is piled upon hilarity as the painter, who takes his acting very seriously, portrays the absent husband.
  • The wronged wife decides that the best revenge is to sleep with Marcia's husband an ecstatic experience for them both.
  • When Marcia learns that the painter/actor has slept with her rival, she demands the opportunity to show him what really good sex is.

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