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Family Album

Family Album
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Code: PSFNY-20435
Author: Coward Noel
ISBN/EAN: 573621519

Product Information

  • 5m, 4f
  • Short Play
  • Comedy
  • One of the "Tonight At 8:30" series, just back from their father's funeral, the Featherway children cannot pull long faces nor feign regret.
  • The last one to break into laughter is pious Lavinia, father's companion until his death.
  • Even she must admit that he was lecherous and mean.
  • After some wine, Lavinia reveals that she and old Burrows burned the final will (which left nothing to the children) minutes after the old man died.
  • Family Album was first produced as one of a series of nine one-act plays under the title Tonight At 8:30 at the Phoenix Theatre in January 1936 under the direction of Noel Coward.

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