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The Front Page

The Front Page
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Code: PSFNY-21508
Author: Hecht / MacArthur
ISBN/EAN: 573609128

Product Information

  • 17m, 5f
  • An irresistible comedy with thrills and derring do set in the news room.
  • Hildy wants to break away from journalism and go on a belated honeymoon.
  • There is a jailbreak and into Hildy's hands falls the escapee as hostage.
  • He conceals his prize in a rolltop desk and phones his scoop to his managing editor.
  • Their job is to prevent other reporters and the sheriff from opening the desk and finding their story.
  • Some hoodlums are enlisted to remove the desk, but they get mixed up with a Boy Scout troop and the mayor and a cleaning woman, among others.
  • It's a whirlwind wrap up with Hildy finally making his breakaway, but the cynical managing editor has him arrested before he leaves town for having stolen a watch he planted on Hildy.

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