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Fireman, Save My Child!

Fireman, Save My Child!
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Code: PSFNY-21585
Author: Albert Ned

Product Information

  • 3m, 5f
  • Short Play
  • Melodrama
  • The villain, Archibald Quingle, hypnotizes his victims into a state where they agree to do his bidding.
  • And the innocent heroine, little Daisy, is the special target of Archibald's machinations.
  • When the arch fiend proposes to the proud heroine she rejects him.
  • He discovers that she is in love with noble Chester and decides to do a little extra dirty work involving the theft of the papers, and he also tries to fasten his crimes on poor Chettie.
  • Splendid parts for everyone, most of them comedy.

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