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Hands Across the Sea

Hands Across the Sea
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Code: PSFNY-26467
Author: Coward Noel
ISBN/EAN: 573622094

Product Information

  • 6m, 3f.
  • One of the "Tonight At 8:30" series produced in London and New York.
  • Lady Gilpin (Piggie) is so busy with social duties and gossip that she has no time for coherent thinking.
  • She is set aflutter when her drawing room is suddenly filled with her husband's naval conferees, blueprint delivery boys and dumpy Mr. and Mrs. Wadhurst from the Far East, who flighty Piggie mistakes for the Rawlingsons.
  • The Wadhursts overhear intimate phone conversations, are stumbled over, spilled upon and completely ignored before Piggie finally gets it straight.
  • Hands Across the Sea was first produced as one of a series of nine one-act plays under the title Tonight At 8:30 at the Phoenix Theatre in January 1936 under the direction of Noel Coward.

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