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Kennedy's Children

Kennedy's Children
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Code: PSFNY-37186
Author: Patrick Robert

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3m, 3f.

  • Full Length Play.
  • This is an evocative drama of American idealism and the tragic fallout from the euphoria of the 1960's.
  • Five lost souls are gathered in a bar, Valentine's Day, 1974: Wanda, a secretary now schoolteacher, keeping John Kennedy's memory alive despite the inevitable slurs; Sparger, an actor grown bitter and cynical as New York's vital underground theatre movement becomes a commercial wasteland; Rona, an political activist who sees the movement collapsing from self-indulgence and apathy; Mark, a Viet Nam veteran, now a confused, dissipated drug addict and Carla, an dipsomaniacal actress channelling Marilyn Monroe. Through distinctive, compelling monologues, the author limns both the birth and end of era and its dreams.

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