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Let's Murder Marsha

Let's Murder Marsha
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Code: PSFNY-39705
Author: Ferris Monk

Product Information

3m, 4f.

  • Full Length Play, Comedy.
  • A happy housewife named Marsha, hopelessly addicted to reading murder mysteries overhears her loving husband discussing her upcoming birthday surprise with an interior decorator.
  • To her ears, though, it sounds like they are planning to murder her!
  • With the assistance of her next door neighbour she tries to turn the tables on them with a poisoned potion.
  • When her own mother shows up for her birthday a day early, Marsha thinks she is in on the diabolical scheme.
  • When her maid's date, a policeman, shows up to take the maid out, Marsha think he is on to her poisoning attempt.
  • Well, finally, just when you would think all this would be cleared up, Marsha's intended victims discover what she has supposed, and decide to teach her a lesson by actually pretending to be murderers.
  • This is a terrific show for family audiences who like their comedy broad and fast and nonstop.

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