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London Suite

London Suite
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Code: PSFNY-40466
Author: Simon Neil
ISBN/EAN: 573695091

Product Information

3m, 3f.

  • Full Length Play, Comedy.
  • America's premier comic playwright crosses the Atlantic for a suite of hilarious comedies set in a deluxe London hotel a sedate place until these characters’ check in.
  • In Settling Accounts, the suite is occupied by an inebriated Welsh writer who is holding his long time business manager, caught absconding with the writer's money, at gun point.
  • The villain concocts increasingly farfetched explanations of what he was doing at Heathrow with the cash.
  • An American widow and her daughter, in England to buy shoes, take over the suite in Going Home. At the daughter's insistence, mother spends her last evening in London with a rich Scotsman.
  • The hotel guests in The Man on the Floor are a married couple from New York who have lost their tickets to Wimbledon and are about to lose their suite to Kevin Costner who absolutely must have it now.
  • The evening ends on a funny, bittersweet note with Diana and Sidney, another chapter in the lives of two characters from California Suite. Diana, the Oscar-winning actress, and Sidney, her bisexual husband, are now divorced and are seeing each other for the first time in years. He needs money for his lover who is dying of cancer.
  • The money is not a problem for Diana, but the realization that she still loves him is.

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