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Loves Labours Wonne

Loves Labours Wonne
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Code: PSFNY-40748
Author: Nigro Don
ISBN/EAN: 573600317

Product Information

9m, 5f.

  • Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy.
  • Dark and strange, ribald, funny, sad and beautiful, this unique play takes audiences on an inspiring trip deep into William Shakespeare's soul.
  • Late on the stormy night on which he is to retire to the country, Shakespeare staggers drunkenly onto the stage of the Globe Theatre.
  • Longing for quiet, green Stratford yet grieving for the London theatre world that has been his life, he is tortured by memories and hallucinations of his early struggles in the vicious city quagmire.
  • His daughters arise as Miranda and Ariel and join the notorious hack Robert Greene who comes from the dead to accuse him of Marlowe's murder.
  • Queen Elizabeth makes a cameo appearance and people from his life mix with characters from his plays to create a wild hallucinatory investigation into the nightmare of art.

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