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Make Believe

Make Believe
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Code: PSFNY-42360
Author: Froberg Kristin Anna
ISBN/EAN: 9780573696855

Product Information

3m, 3f.

  • Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy. Natasha Lisenko is twenty-two years old.
  • She's clever, creative, can describe the plot of every episode of Battlestar Galactica, and hasn't left the house in five years.
  • Her sister, Lena, is an energetic, popular, occasionally cruel high-school cheerleader—or was, the last time Natasha saw her.
  • As Natasha works her way through delayed adolescence and a strangely evolving relationship with her tutor, her family works to move forward without a sister, without a daughter, and without answers to the questions surrounding her disappearance.
  • When the case is suddenly re-opened, Natasha is forced to make a decision.
  • Reality or imagination? Make believe or truth? Or can she—as she's been doing for the past five years—go on existing someplace in between? 

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