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A Map of the World

A Map of the World
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Code: PSFNY-42542
Author: Hare David
ISBN/EAN: 573619999

Product Information

7m, 4f.

  • Full Length Play, Drama.
  • This play by the author of Plenty "is an ambitious work which brings together in heated discussion a young left wing journalist and a right wing expatriate Indian novelist.
  • The settings are a Bombay hotel where they are attending a world poverty conference and the British film studio where the Indian author's experiences are being turned into a film.
  • Throughout the play, life and fiction overlap. One of the issues is the sexual jealousy that arises over the men's competition for the favors of a promiscuous American actress staying at the hotel. Also on the agenda: idealism vs. cynicism; the West's arrogance in its handling of Third World problems; the alleged evils of Zionism; and the journalist's fervent belief in the necessity for change." - London Sunday Express

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