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The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker
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Code: PSFNY-43581
Author: ...Gibson
ISBN/EAN: 0573612382

Product Information

7m, 7f.

  • Full Length Play, Drama.
  • Immortalized onstage and screen by Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, this classic tells the story of Annie Sullivan and her student, blind and mute Helen Keller.
  • The Miracle Worker dramatizes the volatile relationship between the lonely teacher and her charge.
  • Trapped in a secret, silent world, unable to communicate, Helen is violent, spoiled, almost sub-human and treated by her family as such.
  • Only Annie realizes that there is a mind and spirit waiting to be rescued from the dark, tortured silence.
  • With scenes of intense physical and emotional dynamism, Annie's success with Helen finally comes with the utterance of a single, glorious word: "water". 

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