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A Mother, a Daughter and A Gun

A Mother, a Daughter and A Gun
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Code: PSFNY-44692
Author: ..Grant
ISBN/EAN: 9780573533027

Product Information

6m, 5f.

  • Full Length Play, Comedy.
  • Jess is having a bad day. She's discovered she's pregnant, that her husband is cheating on her, and has bought a gun to kill him.
  • She's interrupted by her mother, Beatrice, who arrives to help with a party Jess has forgotten she's having, to which she's invited a handful of strangers.
  • Events unfurl at a furious pace as the party guests take over, Beatrice almost murders Jess' dad, and Jess' husband finally returns to the mayhem.
  • The end of the play is surprisingly poignant and will profoundly effect everyone who's ever had a mother. 

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