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Oh, The Innocents

Oh, The Innocents
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Code: PSFNY-50692
Author: ..Roth
ISBN/EAN: 573695873

Product Information

4m, 3f.

  • Full Length Play, Comedy.
  • Betsy sings, Jeremy plays, and Josh watches in this play about love, lies and piano teaching.
  • Jeremy, a young musician who tutors spoiled, rich kids to make ends meet, tells his friend Josh that a student's mother, a third rate junior miss Ann Bancroft straight out of 'The Graduate', is being suggestive.
  • Josh is a former musician who has become a sedentary voyeur with a torch of his own.
  • Envious of Jeremy's domestic bliss with Betsy, he urges Jeremy to go forward with the encounter.
  • Betsy, a proof reader by day and a jazz singer by night, is waking up to her husband's and her own restiveness when a smooth record producer offers her a ticket to hear Koko Taylor at the Blue Note while offering Jeremy a trip to the west coast for sound track auditions. Josh, left to protect Betsy against Zev the wolf, suffers a conflict of passion of his own.

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