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Red Peppers

Red Peppers
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Code: PSFNY-58262
Author: Noel Coward
ISBN/EAN: 9780573624421

Product Information

4m, 2f.

  • Doing a song and dance act in a vaudeville theatre are George Pepper and his wife, Lily.
  • They also have a genius for picking quarrels and insulting co-workers.
  • When the house musical director, Bert, comes to the dressing room to bum a cigarette and a beer, they chide him for accompanying them in the wrong tempo, call him a drunk, and oust him. Mr. Edwards, house manager, comes to defend Bert, and he is insulted.
  • At the following show Bert had his revenge when he plays the accompaniment so fast the Peppers get frantic and finally fall down.
  • Lily stalks off the stage after heaving her hat at Bert.

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