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Reserve Two for Murder

Reserve Two for Murder
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Code: PSFNY-58627
Author: John Randall

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7m, 6f.

  • It opens with a play within the play set five hundred years in the future.
  • As this "play' unfolds, the theatre is suddenly plunged into darkness, and an actor is shot and killed by somebody in the audience.
  • From this point, there are weird, chilling developments—including a second murder, a vanishing corpse that reappears in the auditorium's rear, and disclosure that operatives of a spy ring are present.
  • The mystery is finally unravelled by two detectives who've come to see the performance: Sergeant Kennedy and his proverb spouting assistant, Sam Lee.
  • A lot of the action takes place in the auditorium with the audience sometimes taking part.

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