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Two Wives and a Dead Guy

Two Wives and a Dead Guy
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Code: PSFNY-71514
Author: Cynthia & Roy C. Booth
ISBN/EAN: 9780573633584

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3m, 2f.

  • Mr. Donald Howard Becton III, the successful globe-trotting businessman and millionaire, is deader than a pair of socks.
  • And he is presently on display for the world to see at the Olson-Hines Funeral Home.
  • His wife, the educated and well-pedigreed Eileen, visits, and puts on a good show to get that nervous, rat terrier of a junior funeral hall director in training, Mr. Hines, to leave her alone with the corpse.
  • Unfortunately, Eileen has a problem. No, not the pyromaniac daughter nor the bedwetting son; no, no one can find Becton's will, not even his golf-obsessed lawyer knows where it is.
  • Perhaps clues to the dilemma can be found on the corpse? But, before a proper search can be made, Veronica shows up, a gaudily painted, silicone enhanced "lady" who also claims to be Becton's wife. Let's just say that that is not what Eileen expected.
  • The two immediately despise each other and eventually go at it to hilarious means, leaving behind a very perplexed Mr. Hines (and one very battered corpse) at play's end.

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