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World We Live In (Insect Comedy)

World We Live In (Insect Comedy)
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Code: PSFNY-78591
Author: Josef & Karel Capek
ISBN/EAN: 573618062

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21m, 9f.

  • A wanderer who is something of a philosopher falls asleep after drinking in a forest.
  • In his dream he observes the comedy and tragedy in the lives of the insects, whose problems and affairs are like those of humankind.
  • The butterflies make violent love. The beetles hoard money and live selfishly.
  • The ichneumon flies murder crickets and stuff their larders with food, and parasites greedily devour what others work to save.
  • Finally, the red and yellow ants wage war to see which shall have the right to travel a particular sunlit path between two blades of grass.

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