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You, the Jury

You, the Jury
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Code: PSFNY-83733
Author: James Reach

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7m, 8f.

  • This novel play permits the audience to act as a jury and vote whether Barbara Scott on trial for the murder of Chester Arthur Brant is innocent or guilty.
  • The cause of Barbara Scott, defended by her attractive lawyer sister Edith and prosecuted by dynamic Allan Woodward, seems hopeless at the outset.
  • Step by step, Allan relentlessly builds the case against her, including her purported confession and the dramatic testimony of Brant's fiancee who claims she saw Barbara in almost the very act of firing the fatal shot.
  • Edith doggedly fights back and she is finally rewarded when help arrives from a totally unexpected source.
  • Conflict and tension build until the audience renders its verdict.

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