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Thinking Creatively - Book 2

Thinking Creatively - Book 2
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Code: REP-1101
Author: David Stephenson
ISBN/EAN: 9781863977050

Product Information

  • Educators such as Edward de Bono maintain that creative thinking is a skill that can be taught and developed.
  • The activities within this book provide children with the opportunity to learn and practise creative thinking skills in interesting and stimulating situations.
  • Challenges range from describing what a world would be like if it was always night time, to combining a toothbrush, a tennis racquet and a lawnmower to make a useful household appliance.
  • Through the activities in the book children develop the skills of fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration, curiosity, complexity, risk taking and imagination.
  • The book is structured in such a way that children can gain confidence and ability in each skill before combining concepts to address creative challenges surrounding the theme of Space and Aliens.

Ideal for Ages 8-10

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