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The First People Teachers' Manual

The First People Teachers' Manual
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Code: REP-1153
Author: Lauren Princi
ISBN/EAN: 9781863977463

Product Information

  • This Teachers’ Manual is for use with the The First People Resource Book (sold separately REP-1152), however pages may be photocopied for classroom use.
  • Indigenous cultures explored include Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori, Ainu of Japan, San of the Kalahari, the Sami of Northern Europe and Native Americans.
  • Each of the six sections is accompanied by a set of inquiry cards, designed according to Bloom's taxonomy of thinking and Gardner's Multiple Intelligence theory.
  • These activities aim to promote both critical and creative thinking skills within an historic context and are compatible with any inquiry based classroom.
  • Activities are HSIE/Society and Environment based and are outcome linked.

Ideal for Ages 10-12

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