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Civics and Citizenship - Year 6

Civics and Citizenship - Year 6
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ISBN/EAN: 9781863978996

Product Information

  • The first section of this book helps students understand that federation made way for a new system of government based on the Westminster system - a system of government which is still in place today.
  • The Magna Carta and its influence on Australia's parliamentary government is explored, as is the role of the monarchy and the Governor-General in Australia's democratic system of government.
  • As students work their way through this section they will also become familiar with the Senate and the House of Representatives located inside Parliament House in Canberra and the different roles that they play.
  • The second section in this book investigates the stages of the passage of a bill, and clarifies where ideas for new laws emerge.
  • The third section ensures that students are aware of the process of becoming an Australian citizen, know who is eligible to become an Australian citizen and what it means to be an Australian citizen.
  • The fourth and final section provides students with the opportunity to think about their role as a global citizen.
  • Global issues and how we can work together to help solve them are a focus in this section.
  • The answers are provided at the back of the book.

Ideal for Year 6

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