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Working on Algebra

Working on Algebra
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Code: REP-405
Author: Mirella Trimboli
ISBN/EAN: 9781863978286

Product Information

  • The Number Strategies series helps students develop their skills and abilities in topics on Number and Algebra. The activities in the series are guided by the Australian National Curriculum and contain a blend of activities ranging from the developmental and investigative to application style problems.
  • This book, Working On Algebra, provides a range of activities to expose students to algebraic ideas. Students are encouraged to look for patterns and to examine ways in which we can begin to generalise our mathematical findings.The emphasis is on providing students with ample opportunity to explain how they know what they know and to practise explaining their thought processes.
  • Exploring number patterns, conjectures, graphs, tables and relationships are all part of learning how to think algebraically.
  • Each section is preceded by extensive teacher notes and guidance on how to teach a new strategy.
Ideal for Ages 10-12

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