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Endangered Species of The World

Endangered Species of The World
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Code: REP-728
Author: Jane Bourke
ISBN/EAN: 9781863976206

Product Information

  • Contains practical research activities for threatened and endangered animal species around the globe.
  • Ideal for gifted students or independent learners, this book examines the reasons why specific animals are facing uncertain futures.
  • Activities provide opportunities for students to analyse conservation efforts, as well as asking them to provide their own ideas to help the plight of these animals.
  • Includes background information and activities for the black rhinoceros, giant panda, Malayan sun bear, tuatara, Philippine eagle, great white shark, humpback whale, leafy sea dragon, komodo dragon, Galapagos giant tortoise and much more.
  • Each animal section contains links to relevant websites.
  • Activities are outcome linked and can be completed in any order.
  • Extension ideas and general activities are also included.

Ideal for Ages 10+

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