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My Own Book-a-Week - Book 1

My Own Book-a-Week - Book 1
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Code: REP-751
Author: Toni McRae
ISBN/EAN: 9781863974455

Product Information

  • This series has been created to help early readers, as well as children with reading difficulties, learn to read and experience success at reading.
  • The Book-a-Week series contains ‘strip books’ which are easy to construct using minimal equipment. They contain simple text and excellent illustrations.
  • The ‘strip books’ introduce and reinforce sight words, use repetitive strategies and contain early reading concepts.
  • Consolidate skills such as basic sentence structure as well as concepts of print, directionality and spacing of words.
  • As a follow up to each ‘strip book’, there is an optional activity sheet that can be used to consolidate the comprehension and understanding of each of the books.
  • A fantastic hands-on reading resource!

Ideal for Ages 6-9

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