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Junior Scientists - Book 1

Junior Scientists - Book 1
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Code: REP-836
Author: Yolanda Cool
ISBN/EAN: 9781863978316

Product Information

  • Junior Scientists Book 1 helps teachers of Year 1 meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum in their science classes.
  • The book provides students with the opportunity to learn about science by: experimenting with materials, asking questions, recording observations, investigating and reflecting, and devising new ideas/theories about how the world works.
  • Each activity page is paired with a page of notes for the teacher. These notes include: ideas for introducing each activity, background information, answers and possible student responses and extension activities.
  • Junior Scientists Book 1 is the first book in a three part Science Series which explores four areas of science: biology, physics, chemistry and earth and space.
  • A 'must have' resource for any Year 1 teacher.
Ideal for Ages 6-7

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