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The Thinking Team - Book 2 Celebrate Culture in Australia

The Thinking Team - Book 2 Celebrate Culture in Australia
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Code: REP-914
Author: Sandy Tasker
ISBN/EAN: 9781863976299

Product Information

  • This series aims to promote critical thinking strategies in the classroom using a creative thinking process, aligned with Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats principles, to address topics in two specific learning areas.
  • Both books can be used in a variety of ways including group rotation, early finisher tasks, whole class lessons or as small group rotations ('The Thinking Teams').
  • Each person's role in the team is aligned with a way of thinking.
  • Each activity page is divided into three sections and extensive teachers' notes are provided to ensure that teachers make the most of these unique titles.
  • Book 2 contains social science based activities to develop creative thinking strategies.
  • Includes topics such as indigenous cultures, international arts, multicultural festivals, new cultures to Australia, cultural diversity at schools and community services and groups.

Ideal for Ages 10+

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