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Amazing Antarctica Resource Book

Amazing Antarctica Resource Book
Incl. GST

Code: REP-920
Author: Jane Bourke
ISBN/EAN: 9781863975841

Product Information

  • The wildlife and the scientific opportunities of this icy continent have intrigued scientists and researchers for many years, and now Antarctica is even being touted as a tourist destination.
  • Protected by the Antarctic Treaty, this harsh land of ice and rock provides fantastic learning opportunities for people from all over the world.
  • Scientists from many countries work together to share valuable information so that we may learn more about this unique continent and of planet Earth as well.
  • Antarctica has a rich history of exploration, involving both triumphs and tragedies and to this day people endeavour to mark new territories in some of the most dangerous parts of the continent.
  • Learn about the first humans to sight and walk on Antarctic land and read about the thrilling race to the South Pole.

Ideal for Ages 11+

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