World Explorers Resource Book

World Explorers Resource Book
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Code: REP-924
Author: Sandy Tasker
ISBN/EAN: 9781863975865

Product Information

  • Since the dawn of the human race, people have travelled as far as they can in search of food, wealth or a better place to live.
  • People explored because they were curious or they were determined to beat someone else to it.
  • Follow the madness and the magic through the history of world exploration.
  • Journey to every corner of the globe with Vikings, Mongols, pirates and seafaring voyagers; trek across rugged terrain alongside relentless explorers and share the excitement with record-breaking adventurers.
  • This book contains a treasure-chest of interesting facts about the daily lives of sailors, the adventures of famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus and James Cook and the achievements of modern-day skippers and balloonists.
  • Navigate your way through sailor-speak, dreadful disease and pitiful punishments to discover the intrigue of islanders, the aroma of foreign spices and the amazing breakthrough—the Earth is not flat!

Ideal for Ages 11+

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