Shopping Centre Study

Shopping Centre Study
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Code: REP-932
Author: Sandy Tasker
ISBN/EAN: 9781863975810

Product Information

  • This book is aimed at student investigation of the retail industry, enabling small groups to research and share findings on a variety of stores in a shopping centre.
  • The project is best carried out in a regional shopping centre but is adaptable to any type of shopping precinct.
  • Detailed guidelines are provided so that teachers and students may get maximum benefit from the activities.
  • 'Classroom' activities can be used either before or after the main study.
  • These sheets explore important concepts and issues linked to shopping centres, including design and layout of the centre, advertising and promotion strategies and environmental issues such as the use of plastic bags.
  • Excursion activities are designed to develop and reinforce practical concepts and skills that have previously been introduced and taught in the classroom setting.
  • The activities can facilitate an investigative process in which students interview retailers, collect data and evaluate services that are provided to customers.
  • All activities are outcomes based and linked to relevant curriculum documents.

Ideal for Ages 9+

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