Goldisocks and the Three Koalas

Goldisocks and the Three Koalas
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Code: REP-992
Author: Jacquelin Melilli
ISBN/EAN: 9781863976381

Product Information

  • Presenting the Lights, Camera, Action! Series! Each of the four titles in this innovative series contains an award-winning script that can be performed by primary or lower secondary students.
  • Included along with the play are detailed modifications for using the script as a stage play, film production, radio play or puppet show.

Each title contains:

  • Full stage play script;
  • Information on stage production roles (e.g. stage directions, casting, set design, costuming, lighting, sound and publicity);
  • Film production roles;
  • Storyboarding, camera use and shots;
  • Details of specific technical equipment required;
  • Explanations of film terminology;
  • Easy-to-follow shooting script;
  • A guide to the process of film editing;
  • Photocopiable student activity sheets.
  • Goldisocks and the Three Koalas is a play that touches on gender roles and expectations that can be placed on children to live out their parents' dreams, regardless of whether it conflicts with their own dreams and talents.
  • It also deals with the pressures that can be put on children when decisions are made for them.
  • It explores how children can lack a means of communicating their point of view, while continuing to obey their parents' wishes.

Ideal for Ages 9+

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