Foreigners in Oztralia

Foreigners in Oztralia
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Code: REP-993
Author: Jacquelin Melilli
ISBN/EAN: 9781863976404

Product Information

  • Presenting the Lights, Camera, Action! Series! Each of the four titles in this innovative series contains an award-winning script that can be performed by primary or lower secondary students.
  • Included along with the play are detailed modifications for using the script as a stage play, film production, radio play or puppet show.

Each title contains:

  • Full stage play script;
  • Information on stage production roles (e.g. stage directions, casting, set design, costuming, lighting, sound and publicity);
  • Film production roles;
  • Storyboarding, camera use and shots;
  • Details of specific technical equipment required;
  • Explanations of film terminology;
  • Easy-to-follow shooting script;
  • A guide to the process of film editing;
  • Photocopiable student activity sheets.
  • Foreigners in Oztralia is a fun play about different people's lifestyles and dealing with expectations that are not met.
  • Two worlds come together when Anita and Frederick, an upper crust couple from England come to stay at Shazza and Bazza's homestead.
  • Anita and Frederick's high expectations of luxury and first class service are dashed when Shazza and Bazza proudly show off their homestead, which not only lodges foreigners, but a very pregnant cow!
  • There's a little lesson to be learnt about materialism and judging people by external appearances.

Ideal for Ages 9+

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